April 12th, 2014 was Global Youth Service Day and FROGs founder, Will Lourcey, joined thousands of other youth on the National Mall to celebrate youth volunteerism and the power of youth to make positive change.
    Will took part in the Day Of Service by participating in generationOn's service project which was creating "Jump for Recycling." Will and volunteers created jump ropes from recycled bags which were then donated to after school programs in the DC area.
    "It was awesome to see so many youth gathered in our nation's capitol to make a statement, that youth have the power and ability to be change-makers!" Will said. "It was inspiring to see other kids participating in service projects and making the world a better place!"

For more info: generationOn        Global Youth Service Day


Kids bringing smiles & Making a Difference


     "I noticed that at some Mobile Food Pantry sites people didn't have grocery bags to carry their food in," Will said.  "I saw them either carrying the food in their arms, struggling to balance it all, or they brought suitcases and empty baby strollers to pile the food in; it wasn't right. They deserved better."

     Will wanted to make a difference and make the days of the people brighter and a little easier. He came up with the idea of eco-friendly reusable grocery bags. FROGs distributed over 300 bags this past Saturday, April 5th at the Cherry Lane site.
     The Tarrant Area Food Bank serves over 500 families at this site. The patrons line-up, register, then go through an assembly line of food. They choose what they would like to take and are offered fresh produce, meats and an array of other items.
     FROGs distributed bags and also volunteered serving the families food ranging from carrots, cabbage, grapefruits, yogurt, vitamin water drinks, lettuce.
     "It was so much fun!" John-Thomas said. "We were helping service healthy food to people who needed it! It made them happy!"
     FROGs hopes people who hear and see them volunteering will be inspired to ACT when they see a need.
      "I saw a need which was the struggle of people carrying the food," Will said. "I saw the need and created a solution. If I can do can too!"


Want to make a difference?

   FROGs believes we all have the ability to make a difference. Here's your chance...
Volunteer at a Mobile Food Pantry distribution site. The Tarrant Area Food Bank's Mobile Pantry operates at various locations each Saturday in the month.
    Tarrant Area Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry program is a traveling pantry that delivers food, including fresh produce and nutritious refrigerated items, directly to communities with high need. A minimum of 10,000 pounds of food from Tarrant Area Food Bank’s warehouse is delivered to the site to feed 300-700 families. 
     "Hunger affects doesn't's adults, children, elderly and even little babies," Will Lourcey said. "It affects every race, religion, education level...the Mobile Food pantry is awesome because it delivers nutritious food directly to the people in need, right there in their neighborhood."
      For more information about how to volunteer and to learn more: CLICK HERE

Birthday in a Bag!

      March 16th FROGs met to bring smiles to kids' faces. 23 volunteers donated items such as cake mixes, cookies mix, party blowers, plates, napkins, forks, candy, party decorations and cards to be included in a "Birthday in a Bag."
       FROGs assembled 10 bags which will be donated to the Tarrant Area Food Bank for the Backpacks for Kids program.  Bags will be given to children who have upcoming birthdays. These kids might not otherwise have birthday cakes or celebrations due to financial strain on their families.
      "Our goal is to bring smiles to kids' faces," Will Lourcey said. "We're kids helping kids; it's the right thing to do and it's fun! Every child deserves to have a birthday celebration."

      Would you like to donate and/or assemble bags? go to: TAFB site

Bring Smiles this Spring Break!

     "Having Fun while Helping Others" is FROGs motto, and what better way to do this than bring smiles to faces of kids?!
       FROGs will be packing gift bags with items such as: cake mix, icing, candles, cake decorations, party favors, birthday plates/napkins, decorations, etc. These items will be placed in birthday bags which will be sent home with kids participating in the TAFB's Food for Kids Programs. 
     The goal of this event is to bring smiles to kids' faces by providing them with a birthday surprise. A lot of these kids' families are unable to provide birthday parties, so this outreach is a great way to help the families, celebrate the kids, and support the the Food for Kids program.

            "Birthday in a Bag"          
Sunday, March 16th 4 - 6 pm
     Will Lourcey's House
     All are welcome to attend. If participating or wanting to donate items, please call 817.926.5792.
     "All kids deserve to feel special, especially on their birthday." Will Lourcey said. "Hopefully, these gift bags will bring smiles and provide a birthday party each child will never forget." 

500 Meals for the Hungry!

    FROGs held a "Love to Make a Difference!" lemonade and sweets stand Valentine's Day 2014 raising awareness of the hungry and money to provide meals through the Tarrant Area Food Bank.
    "Thank you friends, neighbors, Food Bank employees for your support!' Will said. "With your donations, 500 meals will be provided for the hungry! Awesome!"
     FROGs' goal with each event is to raise awareness and spread the word that hunger is right here in Fort Worth. 1 in 4 kids in our area are at-risk of being hungry. We all need to ACT! 
     "We're little kids who care and want others to see the need to do something," Rob said. "We 'Have Fun while Helping Others' and we did that at our stand!"

    If you would like to help fight hunger and learn more about volunteer opportunities:   or call 817.332.9177


Make a Difference this Valentine's Day!

      FROGs will be hosting a lemonade & sweets stand at Will's house to raise awareness for the hungry and money for the Tarrant Area Food Bank. Please stop by to Make A Difference! 
All donations go directly to TAFB!

Mensa feeds the hungry!

      FROGs founder, Will, is excited to report American Mensa corporate offices located in Arlington, Texas partnered with FROGs this 2013 holiday season holding a canned food drive to help feed the hungry in Tarrant County.
     "This is so awesome! Thank you Mensa for donating over 377 pounds of food to the Tarrant Area Food Bank!" Will said. "You are helping so many families in our community and have a huge heart!"
    Members of American Mensa range in age from 2 to 102. They include engineers, homemakers, teachers, actors, athletes, students and CEOs, and they share only one trait — high intelligence. To qualify for Mensa, they scored in the top 2 percent of the general population on an accepted standardized intelligence test.
     "I've been a member of Mensa since 2006," Will said. "It's been a great way to meet other people, learn, and also give back to people in the community. Mensa has been an awesome partner, and it's an honor to be part of such an amazing organization!"
   Want to learn more about Mensa? CLICK HERE


FROGs Bring Joy and Toys!

   National Giving Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, brought Santa Claus to town and united four elementary schools, businesses and community members together for a great cause. FROGs hosted "Cookies with Claus" as part of GenerationOn's national Be a Joy Maker campaign.  From December 3rd through December 20th, for each action you take to help others, Hasbro will donate a toy or game to Toys for Tots — up to 1 million dollars' worth!
   Kids brought unwrapped new toys to donate to Boys & Girls Club members and enjoyed cookies with Santa.  FROGs members hope this service project will inspire other kids to become Joy Makers and make positive change in their communities. Over 200 toys were donated!
   "I was honored to be named a Joy Ambassador by GenerationOn; Thank you!!" Will Lourcey said.  "It's awesome to know these toys will bring joy to other kids during this holiday season. I'd also like to thank Hasbro for matching every act of giving and sharing by kids! Hasbro is donating additional toys to Toys for Tots!"
                             For more info: Give Joy Click Here!


   FROGs delivered over 200 toys to the Boys & Girls Club on Dec. 4th. They brought smiles to the kids' faces, brought cookies, and played a game of basketball with the kids.
   "This was awesome! I heard one girl say 'This is the best day of my whole life' " Rob said. "She was so happy when she received her gift!"
     The FROGs enjoyed being Joy Makers and are planning to hold the service event again next year. They even have more ideas on how to make it bigger and better!
Want to be a Joy Maker? Go to: GenerationOn

Be a Joy Maker!

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